Still time (Feb. 7 2013 deadline) to submit a workshop to ICSE 2013 in San Francisco !

COMBINED Call for Workshop Papers for ICSE 2013
The International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) 2013 will be held
May 18 – May 26, 2013
in San Francisco, USA
The list of accepted workshops and short abstracts are provided in this e-mail and online at
The submission deadline for all ICSE Workshops is Feb. 7, 2013
(notification will be on Feb. 28, 2013).
Please consider actively participating in the ICSE by joining one of the workshops.
(AST) The Eighth IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Automation of Software Test
Hong Zhu, Henry Muccini, Zhenyu Chen
(MiSE) 5th International Workshop on Modeling in Software Engineering
Joanne Atlee, Robert Baillargeon, Marsha Chechik, Robert France, Jeff Gray, Richard Paige, Bernhard Rumpe
(GAS) 3rd International Workshop on Games and Software Engineering: Engineering Computer Games to Enable Positive, Progressive Change
Kendra Cooper, Walt Scacchi, Alf Inge Wang
(SE-CSE) 5th International Workshop on Software Engineering for Computational Science and Engineering
Jeffrey Carver, Tom Epperly, Lorin Hochstein, Valerie Maxville, Dietmar Pfahl, Jonathan Sillito
(SE4SG) 2nd International Workshop on Software Engineering Challenges for the Smart Grid
Ian Gorton, Yan Liu, Heiko Koziolek, Anne Koziolek, Mazeiar Salehie
(ASSURE) 1st International Workshop on Assurance Cases for Software-intensive Systems
Ewen Denney, Ibrahim Habli, Tim Kelly, John Knight, Ganesh Pai
(IWSC) 7th International Workshop on Software Clones
Rainer Koschke, Elmar Juergens, Juergen Rilling
(LIVE) 1st International Workshop on Live Programming
Brian Burg, Adrian Kuhn, Chris Parnin
(SEHC) 5th International On Software Engineering in Health Care
John Knight, Craig Kuziemsky
(CMSBSE) 1st International Workshop on Combining Modelling and Search-Based Software Engineering
Richard Paige, Mark Harman, James Williams
(GREENS) 2nd International Workshop on Green and Sustainable Software
Patricia Lago, Niklaus Meyer, Maurizio Morisio, Hausi A. Mueller, Giuseppe Scanniello
(MTD) 4th International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt
Philippe Kruchten, Robert Nord, Ipek Ozkaya
(PLEASE) 4th International Workshop on Product LinE Approaches in Software Engineering
Julia Rubin, Goetz Botterweck, Andreas Pleuss, David Weiss
(CESI) 1st International Workshop on Conducting Empirical Studies in Industry
Xavier Franch, Nazim H. Madhavji, Bill Curtis, Larry Votta
(RELENG) 1st International Workshop on Release Engineering
Bram Adams, Christian Bird, Foutse Khomh, Kim Moir
(DAPSE) First International Workshop on Data Analysis Patterns in Software Engineering
Christian Bird, Tim Menzies, Thomas Zimmermann
(SEES) The 3rd International Workshop on Software Engineering for Embedded Systems
He Zhang, Ivica Crnkovic
(SESENA) 4th International Workshop on Software Engineering for Sensor Network Applications
Christine Julien,  Klaus Wehrle
(TOPI) 3rd Workshop on Developing Tools as Plug-ins
Michael Barnett, Martin Nordio, Judith Bishop, Karin Breitman, Diego Garbervetsky, Sunghun Kim
(TwinPeaks) Second International Workshop on the Twin Peaks of Requirements and Architecture
Paris Avgeriou, Janet E. Burge, Jane Cleland-Huang, Xavier Franch, Matthias Galster, Mehdi Mirakhorli, Roshanak Roshandel
(WETSoM) 4th International Workshop on Emerging Trends in Software Metrics
Steve Counsell, Michele Marchesi, Ewan Tempero, Aaron Visaggio
(RAISE) 2nd International Workshop on Realizing Artificial Intelligence Synergies in Software Engineering
Rachel Harrison, Sol Greenspan, Tim Menzies, Pedro Henriques, Marjan Mernik, Daniel Rodriguez, Daniela da Cruz
(CHASE) 6th International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering
Rafael Prikladnicki, Rashina Roda, Helen Sharp, Yvonne Dittrich, Cleidson R. B. de Souza, Marcelo Cataldo
(CTGDSD) 3rd International Workshop on Collaborative Teaching of Globally Distributed Software Development
Stuart Faulk, Rafael Prikladnicki, David Weiss, Michal Young, lian Yu
(FormaliSE) FME Workshop on Formal Methods in Software Engineering
Stefania Gnesi and Nico Plat
(MOBS) 1st International Workshop on the Engineering of Mobile-Enabled Systems
Jeff Gray, Grace Lewis, Henry Muccini, Nachiappan Nagappan, David Rosenblum, Emad Shihab
(NaturaLiSE) 1st International Workshop on Natural Language Analysis in Software Engineering
Lori Pollock, David Binkley, Dawn Lawrie, Emily Hill, Rocco Oliveto, Gabriele Bavota,Alberto Bacchelli
(PESOS) 5th International Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service-Oriented Systems
Domenico Bianculli, Patricia Lago, Grace Lewis, and Helen Hye-Young Paik
(GTSE) 2nd SEMAT Workshop on a General Theory of Software Engineering
Pontus Johnson, Ivar Jacobson, Mira Kajko-Mattsson, and Michael Goedicke
(USER) 2nd International Workshop on User evaluations for Software Engineering Researchers
Andrew Begel, Caitlin Sadowski

See the following link for a short description of each workshop:

ICSE 2013

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