Software Experts Summit, June 26, 2012, London UK

The Software Experts Summit organized by the “IEEE Software” magazine on June 26, 2012 at the British Computer Society in London and

The Software Experts Summit is on “Mastering Uncertainty in the Software Industry: Risks, Rewards, and Reality” and includes speakers such as:

  • Michael Feathers (Groupon) on Technical Debt, Process and Culture – the Hidden Linkages
  • Mike Andrews (Microsoft, Principal Security Strategist for Bing) on systems, tools, and processes that allow Bing to scale
  • Christof Ebert (Vector Consulting Services) on Practical Decision-Making in Software Engineering and Its Business Relevance
  • Hakan Erdogmus (Kaleun Research) and John Favaro (Intecs SpA) on the Economic Perspective of Agile Software Development
  • Diomidis Spinellis (Athens University of Economics and Business, prior Secretary General for Information Systems at the Greek Ministry of Finance on Theory meets reality: Managing IT Systems at the Greek Ministry of Finance
  • Les Hatton (Oakwood Computing Association) on Software Defects, as well as
  • a Panel on the Impact of Software moderated by Michiel van Genuchten and Les Hatton with panelists from Microsoft, Shell International, and TomTom

The event is inexpensively priced (early registration 100 GBP, normal registration 120 GBP) – register before June 8, 2012 to get the early registration price.

If you are interested in trying out the digital edition of “IEEE Software” please visit the IEEE Software site at Qmags. You can download a free digital copy of the Jan/Feb 2011 issue .

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