Software Experts Summit and SATURN, May 2011, San Francisco

Two fascinating software engineering events are happening in close collaboration in the week of May 16-20 in San Francisco. Please consider attending them. Both offer also great networing opportunities.

The Software Experts Summit is on “Managing the Pace of Innovation” and includes speakers such as: Grady Booch (via Second Life) on “Everything you know is wrong!”, Gary McGraw on the hot topic of “Software Security”, Forrest Shull, Pekka Abrahammson on “Want to Shape Future Markets? Don’t Ask the Customer!”, Jan Bosch on “How Speed Drives Innovation”, Linda Rising on “Surprising New Techniques to Improve your Decision-Making”, Grigori Melnik on “Making Distributed Agile Work”, and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock on “Managing Project Risk and Incremental Design Innovation”.

The SATURN motto this year is “Architecting the Future” and features keynotes by Jan Bosch (Intuit), Dave Thomas (Bedarra Research Labs), David Chaiken (Yahoo!) and plenary speaker Joe Yoder (The Refractory Inc.) and IEEE Software Speakers John Favaro and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock. The conference sessions (May 18-19) include the topics “agile and architecture”, “SOA and Cloud Computing”, “Architecture is not just for architects”, “Architecture-centric engineering”, “Model-driven architecture”, “Soft skills for Architects”, “Research in Architecture Practices”, and “Architectural Knowledge Management”. On Monday/Tuesday two 2-day courses on “Software Architecture: Principles and Practices” and “Advanced Topics in Service-Oriented Architecture” are offered. Furthermore on Tuesday and Friday a broad set of half-day tutorials on “Ultimate Agility: Let your Users Do the Work”, “Architectural Knowledge Management”, “Strategic Management of Technical Debt”, “Architecture-centric Acquisition”, “Service-oriented Architectures for the REST of us”, “Pragmatic Architecture Testing”, “Architecting the Cloud” and “Requirements-Driven Architecture” are offered.

Both events are inexpensively priced and have the same early registration deadline of April 15, 2011.

If you are interested in trying out the digital edition of “IEEE Software” please visit the IEEE Software site at Qmags.  Of particular interest to SATURN attendees could be the Jan/Feb 2011 issue  which contains four articles from some of best from last year’s SATURN presentations.

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